Best Board Games with Character Development

Personally, I love board games that allow you to develop your character over the course of the game. After horror, my favorite kind of video game is an RPG because that’s where I usually have the most say over who (or what) my character becomes. Board games that incorporate this same kind of character development are a weakness of mine for that very reason.Continue Reading

Best Solo Board Games with Miniatures

If you, like me, love spending time with board games regularly, then you’ll probably look for any excuse to try a new one. Unless you always have a steady supply of friends to play with, though, you’ll run into one problem often: not having enough people to play.
The good news is that there are board games you can play alone. And even if you don’t have more imaginative companions to help bring the game to life, there are many solo board games with miniatures that can help achieve the same effect. Continue Reading

Best Board Games to Play in Under 30 Minutes

What if you don’t have hours to spend on a game? What if you’re just trying to pass a little time before another plan you have or you’re waiting for something?
Fortunately, not all board games are long. There are many designed to be played quickly, so you can either repeat them or move on to something else after. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’ve pulled together this list of the best board games to play in under 30 minutes. Continue Reading

Best Board Games with Expansion Packs

Have you ever played a game and wished that it wouldn’t be over so quickly? Or have you ever played a board game you loved multiple times, only to find that it began to feel repetitive?
I know I can say yes to both those things. That’s why I’ve gone hunting for the best board games with expansions packs to create this list.
Continue Reading