MTG Best Affordable Ramp for Commander

Commander is far and away the most popular format in Magic: the Gathering. Unfortunately, this format is also notorious for being expensive to play. Decks consist of 100 cards, and aside from basic lands, all these cards need to be different.

This demands creativity from Commander players who are forced to dig for numerous cards with differing names – even if they all accomplish the same purpose. Ramping becomes increasingly challenging with these restrictions in place, but it doesn’t have to be impossible or super costly.
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Best Board Games with Character Development

Personally, I love board games that allow you to develop your character over the course of the game. After horror, my favorite kind of video game is an RPG because that’s where I usually have the most say over who (or what) my character becomes. Board games that incorporate this same kind of character development are a weakness of mine for that very reason.Continue Reading

Most Fun Commanders in MTG

Too many people spend time looking for the strongest and the best cards without considering which ones will be the most fun. In this list, we’re going to do exactly that: compile a bunch of Commanders that we feel would be a blast to build decks with.
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Best Held Items in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is one of those games that’s easy to learn and difficult to master. If it didn’t matter to you how well you did, you could feasibly run headfirst into each battle without any strategy and still have fun.
On the other hand, if you’re hoping to climb the ranks a little bit, you’ll want to take a more methodical approach. One such aspect you should think carefully about are the held items you equip your Pokemon with.Continue Reading