MTG Best Affordable Ramp for Commander

Commander is far and away the most popular format in Magic: the Gathering. Unfortunately, this format is also notorious for being expensive to play. Decks consist of 100 cards, and aside from basic lands, all these cards need to be different.

This demands creativity from Commander players who are forced to dig for numerous cards with differing names – even if they all accomplish the same purpose. Ramping becomes increasingly challenging with these restrictions in place, but it doesn’t have to be impossible or super costly.
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Most Fun Commanders in MTG

Too many people spend time looking for the strongest and the best cards without considering which ones will be the most fun. In this list, we’re going to do exactly that: compile a bunch of Commanders that we feel would be a blast to build decks with.
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MTG Cards with the Best Flavor Text

Magic: the Gathering cards have a surprising amount of character. If all you ever do is consider how powerful each one is in-game, you’re missing out on a lot.
A combination of oftentimes stunning artwork (although adorably bad artwork certainly exists, too) and intriguing or amusing flavor texts gives most cards an identity truly all their own. In this post, we’re going to be taking a look at some cards with undeniably larger-than-life personalities by examining their flavor text.
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MTG: How Does Foretell Work?

We’ve seen a lot of keywords come and go over the years. Foretell is among more recent ones, introduced in the Kaldheim set. Newer keywords are always initially confusing, leaving both old and new Magic players with questions.
In this post, we’ll strive to answer the question of how does Foretell work in MTG. We’ll also answer a couple other common questions about the keyword and share our opinion on it.
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Best MTG Sets for Blue

If you were to ask any experienced Magic: the Gathering player which color is the best, we’d be willing to bet that the odds are high they’ll say blue. This is simply one of the most popular colors in the game, thanks to its massive library of strong cards.
But where is blue the strongest it’s ever been? Are there sets where blue truly dominates?
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