Best DnD Books for DMs

How many times have you thought about getting into a tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, started to look into it, and then given up because it seems so overwhelming?
I’ve created this list specifically to help budding DMs (dungeon masters) like you who have no idea where to start.
With that in mind, let me show you several of the best DnD books for DMs that I think are excellent places to start. I’ll also explain to you why I picked each one. Continue Reading

Best Languages to Know in DnD

Just like with any other good cast of characters, NPCs have won my heart, drove me insane, gotten on my nerves, or even intimidated me. But in order to have fulfilling interactions with them, you’ll need to speak their language.
So which languages will be most useful for your journeys? Honestly, that depends on your campaign, but I’ve gathered what I feel are a handful of the best languages to know in DnD. I’ll also give you some reasons as to why I think they’re helpful.
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