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When you first start getting into a game of any kind, it can be surprising to discover the sheer breadth of its terminology. Any game with a dedicated fanbase starts to develop its own glossary of terms over time, and Dungeons and Dragons is certainly no exception to that.

Even the way you abbreviate its name has some variations. The two main abbreviations used by fans today include DnD and D&D. 

But which one is “proper?” Should you be calling it one thing or the other? DnD vs D&D will be the riveting topic of today’s post. 

DnD vs D&D: The Origin Stories

Like with super heroes, the origin stories matter here. The roots of either one are not, quite frankly, the most interesting topics you’ll ever learn about, but they’re important.

D&D is the official abbreviation. If you look at the logo on the books, you’ll see the ampersand proudly emblazoned between the D’s. Some brilliant graphic designer even managed to make the ampersand look like a twisting, fire-breathing dragon.

Alternatively, DnD was fanmade. Not only is it easier to type (no need to stretch your fingers all the way up to that pesky ampersand), but it’s not botched as often by databases and software.

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But Does Any of This Actually Matter?

So is either one more “correct” than the other? It depends on what you value. If you’re looking to use the official abbreviation, then you should go with D&D.

But if you’re like us and you enjoy convenience, you’ll find that it’s much quicker to type out DnD. At the end of the day, however, any fan will know what you mean when you use either abbreviation. 

In other words, use whatever you’re more comfortable with, because either one is well-known and understood.

Wrap Up

With many fandoms, using the proper terminology is important. Some particularly stuffy people will look down on you if you use the wrong word or don’t understand what a certain phrase means. That’s why many are concerned about using the “right” abbreviation when it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, which has historically been a gated community. 

But in the case of DnD vs D&D, either one can be used in casual conversation and fans will understand what you mean. Although D&D is the official one used on the books and merchandise, DnD is perfectly acceptable and easier to type.

Our own personal preference is DnD, especially given that we have a graphic designer and coder on our team. Ampersands can really throw a wrench in coding.

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