Is Call of Cthulhu Easy?

Out of all the most popular tabletop RPGs out there for players to consider, I think Call of Cthulhu has one of the most infamous reputations. Players assume that it’s guaranteed your characters will die or that you’ll go insane.
But is it really that hard, or is it easy? I’ll discuss that in more detail in this post.Continue Reading

Real Events that Make Perfect Hooks for Your Call of Cthulhu Campaign

I know as well as the next person that crafting a fun campaign in Call of Cthulhu can be insanely difficult. That’s why I’m here to help you if you’re a Keeper struggling to come up with your next story arc. They say truth is often stranger than fiction, so turning to real life events for inspiration is surprisingly worthwhile.Continue Reading

Terrifying (and Underrated) Lovecraftian Gods

In this post, I’ll be telling you about several Lovecraftian deities that aren’t quite as well-known as the ever-present Cthulhu or Nyarlathotep.
Feel free to sprinkle them into your next Call of Cthulhu campaign to shock your players – even the ones that might consider themselves experts in the lore.
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