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The problem with many gaming chairs is that, despite how much you invest in them, they tend to not be as comfortable as you’d expect. If you’re going to be spending hours in the chair and if you’re spending a pretty penny on them, they should at least be cozy enough to support you.

I’ve already written a list of ways to make any gaming chair comfortable – even lower quality ones – but I’m going to take some time to show you some chairs that I think you won’t need to do much (if anything) to revise for comfort. With that in mind, here are some of the best gaming chairs for back pain I could find.

Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain

Dragonn by Vivo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

I really wanted to think outside of the box for this guide. That means not necessarily picking the racing-style gaming chairs that you’re probably used to seeing everywhere. You might want to write this chair off when you look at it – I know I certainly did initially – but hear me out.

It may look strange, but it is shockingly comfortable. Its design forces you to sit up straight since you don’t have a back to slouch against. This, in turn, encourages superior posture that will help ease much of your back pain.

I’d say the biggest flaw with this chair is that it doesn’t have arm support. That, and the knee cushion could be a bit softer, since you’re effectively kneeling on it for hours at a time. But with a bit of extra cushion on the knee support, it’s a great chair that’s also nice and compact.


  • It’s generally much more affordable than your average gaming chair, making it a great pick for those on a budget.
  • Doesn’t take up much space.
  • Its compact size makes it easy to transport if you need to move it to another room.
  • Assembly is fairly simple.
  • Comes in a few different colors.
  • Encourages better posture.


  • I felt that the chair needed an extra pillow on the knee support in order to be bearable for hours-long use.
  • It feels a little weird not having armrests.

Homall Gaming Chair

Okay, back to normal-looking gaming chairs with the Homall Gaming Chair. I’ve included this one on a few of our other gaming chair lists because it’s so well-loved by most of its customers. It doesn’t hurt that it’s extremely budget-friendly, too.

The main reason I chose it is that it comes with a lumbar massage pillow. It isn’t anything fancy – it just vibrates when you plug it in, but it’s better than nothing. A cheap vibrating pillow can still ease a little of your pain when it’s at its worst.

What’s more, there are more than a few customers who reported it helped with their back pain or simply felt comfortable to sit in for hours. If you’re not in a position to buy a pricier chair, this is a great starting point.


  • Tons of available colors, so it fits in with any color scheme your battle station may have.
  • Includes a lumbar massage pillow.
  • Very standard, attractive gaming chair that would look great in a stream.
  • Made from solid, quality materials.


  • In my opinion, these massage pillows can feel kind of weak, and I usually end up removing them entirely. You, however, may get more out of them than I do.
  • The armrests could be more comfortable.

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Time to get creative again. I know when people say “gaming chair,” you usually think of racing-style chairs, but there’s nothing wrong with springing for a traditional office chair. Nicer ones tend to look more luxurious, anyway, and office chairs can sometimes be more economical than gaming ones.

This Serta chair looks a lot like one I used to have several years ago. And let me tell you, that chair was one of the comfiest “gaming” chairs I’ve ever had in my life. I could sit in it all day and feel perfectly snug.

Not to mention how handsome the chair looks. If you’re going for a more refined study or office look, this Serta chair would fit right in.


  • Plush leather padding feels nice and pillowy.
  • Available in a handful of chic colors that will give your space a mature look.
  • Armrest padding will keep your elbows from hurting.
  • You can assemble it in just half an hour – without having to grab extra tools.
  • It has a pivoting lumbar support to provide your back with additional comfort.


  • It can be one of the more expensive options on this list.

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

If you’re the type of person who often finds themselves overheating in their chair, the Gabrylly Mesh Chair could be a better choice for you. With a mesh back, seat, and headrest, you’ll get plenty of air circulation with this chair.

In my personal experience, the mesh is fairly comfortable, too. You’ll find it significantly less restrictive than your standard gaming chair, as it molds itself to your back.

The only real complaint I have with chairs like these is that the mesh can be kind of flimsy. If you have a cat that likes to claw at furniture or will have sharp implements around your chair for any reason, it may not be a good choice for you.


  • Good air circulation, as the chair is made from mesh.
  • You can flip the armrests up out of the way if you want.
  • The chair can be put together in just 15 minutes.
  • The seat is nice and wide, so it can be perfect for those who like to cross their legs.


  • Mesh can sometimes be torn easily.
  • Some customers said that there’s a bezel in the back of the chair that can sometimes press into your back uncomfortably.

Nouhaus Ergo3D Office Chair

This one can be a little on the expensive side, but if you’re looking for a more luxurious mesh chair, the NouHaus option could be a better fit for you. Unlike the previous mesh chair on this list, it comes in a few different colors, so you have some options as far as aesthetic goes.

Plus, the headrest can be adjusted up and down. This isn’t always an option for gaming and office chairs. It’s a nice extra touch here.

A strong aluminum base gives the chair some sturdiness. Its ability to hold up to 275 pounds attests to its strength.

It also boasts 3D lumbar support to ease your back pain. This basically means the lumbar support is curved to cup your lower back, as opposed to being flat like a wall.


  • Since it’s made from mesh, it’s extremely breathable.
  • The base is made from solid aluminum for longevity.
  • Available in four different appealing colors.
  • Lumbar support actually fits around your back because of its 3D shape.
  • Includes a set of castors designed for hardwood floors.


  • Can be kind of expensive.
  • The armrests could be softer.

Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair

This exact Von Racer chair is another one that has appeared on a few of our gaming chair lists. The main reason I pick it is because of the massage pillow again, as well as the affordable price.

It’s a good starting chair to try out if your budget is more restrictive. It won’t set you far back, and it comes with a massaging pillow and footrest.

I also like that it comes in a handful of vivid colors. Unfortunately, I can get caught up by aesthetics, so color choice can be surprisingly important to me. Maybe it is to you, too.


  • Several attractive color options are available.
  • Extremely budget-friendly.
  • Includes a massage pillow.
  • You can kick back with the footrest.
  • Quick and easy assembly.


  • The footrest can be a bit flimsy.
  • If you’re really tall, you may find the chair uncomfortable.

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What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair for Back Support


Far and away the most important consideration for gaming chairs when you suffer from back pain is the materials. Some are simply more comfortable and supportive than others. The thing that oftentimes sets a gaming chair above the rest is what it’s made from.

Solid metal bases and frames are a good start, as this means you can trust them for a long time. You should also consider what the actual seat is made from, as well. For example, some people enjoy the standard PU leather, but I find that it’s usually sticky and uncomfortable if you sweat a lot.

If you’re the kind of person who gets hot easily, consider looking at a mesh office chair instead. The mesh is extremely breathable, so you won’t feel like you’re drowning in sweat after hours of focus. Additionally, it doesn’t stick to your skin like PU leather does. Another benefit to mesh is that it molds itself around your back as opposed to pressing firmly into it.


Cushioning is obviously important, too. I’m not just talking about what they’re made from, but how soft they or firm they are.

This isn’t always easy to confirm from just the product listing alone. I recommend checking out customer reviews in this regard so you can get a feel for how well-cushioned the chair is. If you see frequent reports of back pain, maybe it’s not the coziest chair you could pick.


Finally, I think the adjustability of the chair will factor into the comfort of your back. No chair is one size fits all – regardless of what it may claim. The more parts of a chair you can adjust, though, the more flexible it is to adapt to a variety of people.

You’ll definitely want to look for a chair that allows you to adjust its lumbar area – or just the entire back, failing that. Some chairs even have special lumbar pillows that you can add to the back if you find them more comfortable.

However, there are some unique cases in which every single chair can feel uncomfortable. Someone on our team has gone through several chairs, finding each one unappealing. He ended up going with the kneeling chair at the top of this list and swears it’s a gamechanger. I guess the good thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about how supportive its backrest is because it doesn’t have one – and that’s how it encourages better posture.

Do Gaming Chairs Mess Up Your Back?

I personally am not a doctor or other medical professional, so I can’t say for sure whether a gaming chair actively harms your back. After researching a bit, however, I did find that the general consensus seems to be that they’re better for your back than many other office-type chairs. That’s because the high backrest and the presence of a headrest simply tend to support your back better than other options.

There’s a really in-depth article about it by an ergonomist that you can check out for more information on choosing the best gaming chairs for your back.

Wrap Up

The single most impactful chair I’ve experienced on this list is the Dragonn Kneeling Chair. I understand it’s not for everyone, though, since not everyone is willing to try kneeling all day.

If I had to recommend one gaming chair over the others that isn’t too weird, I suppose I’d suggest the Nouhaus. I saw a lot of people who recommended it specifically because it helped with their back pain. Mesh chairs can be a gamble sometimes as far as quality goes, but it appears that this is a sturdy, well-made chair that will also give you the benefit of plentiful air circulation.

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