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We here at Renegade Outplayed love gaming – that includes any sort of game for geekier pursuits, whether it’s board, card, or video games. That’s the whole reason we decided to make this site in the first place.

So we can acknowledge that the right gaming chair can make a world of difference. If you have an uncomfortable chair, your back will start to hurt after a short time of playing. 

That’s not going to work for dedicated gamers who want to play for hours at a time. To ensure you get the most out of each session pain-free, we’ve searched for the best gaming chairs for bad posture.

The chairs on this list will encourage you to sit correctly and in total comfort. Take a look at them if you don’t believe us.

Best Gaming Chairs for Bad Posture

GTRacing Gaming Chair

GTRacing is one of the top names in gaming chairs, and with good reason. Their chairs are stylish, and designed for maximum comfort during hours-long sessions.

This chair is a great example of their quality. It comes in several different colors, making it possible to blend it into a range of color schemes in your game room. 

It’s got the features you need to be comfy, too, otherwise we wouldn’t have included it here. There’s a head and backrest included on the back of the seat. It also has adjustable armrests, so you don’t have to strain your wrists by contorting them into odd angles.


  • Ergonomic padded back and seat will keep you sitting comfortably for hours.
  • Available in several different sleek color combinations.
  • Can support up to 300 pounds.
  • Includes head and lumbar support.
  • Modern-looking design.


  • Some buyers felt that the assembly was a bit of a hassle.
  • A few owners stated that the colors on the wheels didn’t match the colors on top exactly.

Homall Gaming Chair

If there was an affordable manufacturer to compete with GTRacing, it’s Homall. Look around online, and you’ll find tons of offerings from this company beloved by gamers everywhere.

Comfort and posture are demonstrated well in this particular chair. Its seat is comfortable, with raised edges that support your thighs. 

The sponge in the seat is designed to stay firm through long hours of playing. Because of its anti-collapse structure, you don’t need to worry about it becoming a sunken, unsupportive piece of furniture that you’ll dread sitting in.


  • Durable steel frame boosts the chair’s longevity.
  • The sponge in the chair will support your weight without sinking in.
  • A headrest and lumbar pillow will cushion your back luxuriously.
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds.
  • Soft armrests that won’t press awkwardly into your arms.


  • The arm rests aren’t adjustable.
  • Raised edges on the seat may be uncomfortable for some people, especially if you like to sit cross-legged.

Hbada Gaming Chair

One of the best things about Hbada’s gaming chair is the foam stuffed into the seat. Aside from being dense enough to securely cradle you, it’s also breathable. That breathability is important when you break a sweat (either from the intensity of what you’re playing or just from sitting in place so long).

The arms are also height-adjustable. If you don’t like the angle at which your wrists are resting, just raise or drop the arms.

Want to pause and take a quick nap? The chair reclines, turning into a mini-bed whenever you need a short break.


  • You can easily adjust the height of the arms to whatever is best for you.
  • The seat can be raised or lowered, which is great if you’re short or tall.
  • Breathable and dense foam makes up the seat, providing you firm support.
  • Includes neck and lumbar cushions.
  • There’s a version that comes with a footrest if that’s your preference.


  • Raised edges on the seat can prevent you from sitting cross-legged.
  • Some customers said that the instructions were hard to read.

Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair

There are a couple things that pique our interest about the Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair. The first thing is the massage lumbar support cushion.

Yes, you read that right. There’s a lumbar support cushion, which is standard in quality gaming chairs, and it actually massages you, too. Maybe it’s kind of silly for us to get so excited about it, but here we are…

Second, we love that all versions of the chair include a footrest. You don’t need to scroll through a bunch of versions, hunting for a footrest, because that’s just part of the package. 

We know we’d personally love being able to lean back at the end of a long night and get a massage while we kick up our feet.


  • Has neck and lumbar support.
  • The lumbar support pillow vibrates for a massage. 
  • Tilts back for naps or movie-watching.
  • Includes built-in support for your spine.
  • You can adjust the height of the armrests.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Some people felt the chair is a little small, especially if you’re looking something big and tall-sized.

X Rocker Video Gaming Chair

The problem with most gaming chairs is that, in general, they all look the same. At a glance, anyone who doesn’t know all that much about them might actually think they’re all one chair.

That’s part of the reason we picked this X Rocker Video Gaming Chair. Its pedestal design is unique, visually separating it from all the other chairs on this list.

It goes without saying that it can promote good posture, too. The soft, curved shape is perfect for sinking into, while the cushioning cradles your neck and back.


  • Includes built-in speakers that are compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and various home theater systems.
  • Unique and minimalist appearance.
  • Folds up for storage.
  • Holds up to 275 pounds.
  • Its material is easy to clean, so no need to fret whenever you spill something.


  • It’s a little low for desks.
  • A few owners say that it’s not as comfortable for shorter people.

What to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Chair for Bad Posture

Back Support

If your chair doesn’t support your back well, you’re going to find yourself slouching forward. Needless to say, that’s not practicing good posture.

Ideally, then, your gaming chair should make you want to sit up straight. And that means it needs to cushion your back cozily. 

Material will play a part here. High-density foam feels great to lean into. 

But additional cushions could make or break your decision to get a chair, too. Many will come with lumbar support and neck cushions. 

These aspects can encourage proper posture, but if you find that they’re actually less comfortable, you can typically remove them.

Armrest Cushion and Adjustability

When you’re sitting up nice and tall, you need a place to put your arms. Most respectable gaming chairs will come with armrests because of that.

But the thing is, not all armrests are equal. Some are plush, luxurious resting places that you’ll love digging your elbows into. 

Others, however, are rock-hard and can’t be adjusted. These types might as well be support columns in a building rather than for your arms.

If you’re worried about having a cushy place to set your arms (or thump a frustrated fist into), look for cushioning on the armrests. Adjustability is critical, too. 

Armrests that are too high will leave your wrists dangling over your desk, while armrests that are too low will leave you bending your wrists awkwardly backwards to reach up.

Seat Cushion

Arguably the most important part of any chair is the seat. It’s what holds the bulk of your weight. 

We’ve all sat in too-hard or even too-soft furniture before. Whether you sink too deep into it or it feels hard enough to be some kind of torture device, either extremity is unpleasant.

Foam is used to pack the seats of most high-end gaming chairs. It should be dense, so it doesn’t sink too much when you sit down. 

On a side note, we thought we’d mention our own personal experience. One individual on our team suffers from chronic back pain, and although his chair is decent, he decided to invest in this cushion.

All those good reviews you see? Totally justified. The cushion is comfy as heck, so if you end up with a gaming chair that isn’t soft enough for you, we strongly recommend it.

Overall Adjustability

Armrests aside, a good chair should be something you can adjust to accommodate you personally. People come in all shapes and sizes.

A chair that one person would consider their perfect throne could be too high, low, hard, or soft for another person.

Look for chairs that are height-adjustable and can recline. This will allow you to make tweaks for other people who may use your chair or even just for when you want to try sitting differently. 

Wrap Up

The chairs we included on this list have all been well-received by their buyers. That being said, if you asked us for our personal suggestion to you, we’d probably pick the Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair.

Honestly, a lot of that has to do with the massage pillow and the footrest combined. We love that mental image of kicking our feet back and getting a pseudo-backrub in between games.

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