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Sound is important when you’re gaming. Whether you’re a dedicated or casual gamer, the way any game sounds contributes hugely to your immersion.

And for good sound, you typically rely on a quality gaming headset. Sound isn’t the only thing that matters with a gaming headset, though – so, too, does the comfort.

Some gaming headsets make your ears ache, either physically or from how terrible things sound when you wear them. If this is a problem you’ve run into before, then we’re pleased to tell you that we’ve found the best gaming headsets for sensitive ears.

Best Gaming Headsets for Sensitive Ears

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Gaming Headset

This Razer Kraken headset is beloved by thousands of customers with good reason. Aside from being very affordably priced, it delivers great sound quality.

As an example, look at its THX Spatial Audio feature. Instead of just having sound coming from the left and right, this headset is designed so that sound comes from 360 degrees, mimicking the way we hear things in real life.

Another that caught our eye (or should we say ear?) is the cooling gel ear cushions. When you’re really focused on a game, it’s natural to break a bit of a sweat after awhile. The cooling gel could make a stifling gaming room that much more comfortable.


  • Promotes game immersion with THX surround sound.
  • Cooling gel is built into the ear cups to cushion your ears and keep them cool.
  • The headband has padding in it so it doesn’t dig into your head after long hours of play.
  • You can adjust and retract the microphone to prevent it from picking up background noise.
  • Has large 50 mm drivers that boost the quality of the bass.


  • Some owners dislike that you need to install manufacturer-specific software to use this headset.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S PC Gaming Headset

HyperX is a name many discerning gamers have come to associate with quality headsets. (Maybe we’re a little biased here, given that we have a HyperX headset of our own that we love…)

Regardless of our own personal opinions about the brand, though, there’s plenty to admire about this model. Its surround sound button will help all but the most dedicated audiophiles feel as if they’re completely submerged in the game.

We also love that it has a control box with a mic mute button on it. It’s always kind of annoying when you have to go through whatever software you’re chatting in to mute yourself.


  • Has large 50 mm drivers.
  • Has a really large frequency range of 13-27,000Hz, which allows it to pick up a huge range of sounds.
  • Includes an audio control box that lets you mute yourself with the press of a button.
  • Breathable leatherette ear cups allow you to play in plush comfort without ear sweat.
  • Allows you to adjust the bass to your personal preferences.


  • Some owners report that the padding on the ear cups is a little too thin.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gaming Headset

PlayStation owners can rejoice with this particular headset, because it was designed specifically for use with the PS4. With surround sound audio, it was built to help you discern the slightest of noises to give you that edge you need to succeed.

One thing we really liked about this headset is that it’s still comfortable to wear even when you have glasses. Nothing is quite as annoying as when a headset presses your glasses into the sides of your skull, turning them into a vice. This headset won’t put pressure on your glasses, allowing you to play and see in total comfort.

With 15 hours of battery life per charge, you’ll also be able to play uninterrupted for multiple sessions. (Or maybe even one – we’ve all binged a game before, so we won’t judge.)


  • Wireless, so you won’t need to worry about tripping over any messy cords.
  • Has large 50mm speakers to help you hear crystal-clear audio.
  • Fifteen hours of life per charge for long hours of play.
  • Can be used comfortably with glasses.
  • No need to press anything to mute yourself – just flip up the mic.


  • A few customers noted that the build quality feels a little cheap.

Runmus Stereo Gaming Headset

We get told our whole lives that looks don’t matter. And to some degree, that’s true – in general, they shouldn’t be the deciding factor behind our actions. But we still can’t help but point out this headset looks pretty amazing.

Maybe it’s just the R on the outside of the cups. Whatever it is, it looks sleek, and not like something we’d be embarrassed to have on our heads.

Prepare for blissful, uninterrupted focus when you slip it on, too. With noise-cancelling and anti-static qualities, not only will you be able to hear everything, but your teammates will be able to hear you perfectly, too. You know what they say: team work makes the dream work, and this headset will help you communicate.


  • Memory foam headband and ear cups allow you to play for hours on end pain-free.
  • Anti-static microphone lets others hear you speak perfectly clearly.
  • Huge 50mm drivers.
  • Attractive design with LED lights on both sides of the headset.
  • Uses a knitted audio cable that won’t fray or break easily.
  • Affordable.


  • Some owners feel they’re a little bulky.
  • The LED lights only work if plugged into a USB port. 

MPOW Pro Over-Ear Gaming Headset

At its core, gaming serves one purpose: as a temporary escape from the troubles of daily life. (Of course, some people may do it professionally or competitively, but that’s not the average person, is it?) Nothing can take you out of the well-crafted world of a game quite like background noise.

Whether it’s dogs barking, kids playing, traffic, or neighbors, noise can shatter the immersion. Fortunately, the MPOW Pro Over-Ear Gaming Headset was created to shut out that annoying background noise. 

It has a unique look, too with its suspended headband. Like the previous headset, it, too, has LED lights on the sides that give it an intriguing cyber-esque aesthetic. 


  • Memory foam ear cups won’t press painfully on the sides of your head.
  • Beautiful LED lights are integrated in the ear cups.
  • Made with a light aluminum frame so it doesn’t feel bulky when you wear it.
  • Suitable for multiple gaming platforms.


  • The LED lights work with a USB, while the headset itself uses a 3.5mm connection. Some may feel it’s a hassle to have two separate connections. 

Sennheiser GSP 600 Gaming Headset

Perhaps no headset list would be complete without a Sennheiser on it somewhere. Audiophiles know and love this brand for a reason. They’re much better known for their contributions to headsets used for music, but in this instance, they’ve taken a successful trip into gaming.

To start with, the ear cups are designed to be comfortable on even the tenderest ears. The pads are made from a material like suede that doesn’t get sticky with sweat and breathes well. They also completely cover your ears, stopping unwanted sounds from breaking your immersion. 

With a 10 – 30,000Hz frequency range, gamers who identify as audiophiles will love this headset. It picks up a wider range of sounds than the average gaming headset does. 


  • Greater than average frequency range.
  • Comfortable ear cups that are breathable.
  • Perfect at blocking out background noise.
  • Made to last, with parts that can be exchanged if repairs are necessary.
  • Suitable for multiple gaming platforms.


  • Can be expensive.
  • Some customers felt that the headband isn’t very comfortable.

What to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Headset for Sensitive Ears

Frequency Range

We interpreted sensitive ears to mean two things: people who are discerning about their audio quality, or those whose ears hurt from the material of low-end headsets.

For the former definition, we think it’s important to talk about things like frequency range. The wider the frequency range of a headset, the wider the range in sounds it can pick up.

Certain small sounds, like footsteps rustling through the grass, will be much more distinct in headsets with a wide frequency range. To give you a perspective, the average range is 20-20,000Hz, so anything with a wider range than that is better.


If you’re a lover of high-quality audio, then the sensitivity of a headset will matter to you. The more sensitive they are, the louder they can play sounds at different volumes.

For something cheap and basic or for your phone, you don’t necessarily need headphones with a high sensitivity. But if you’re serious about sound in gaming, you’ll want headphones with a higher sensitivity because they’ll be able to amplify lower sounds for you.

Sensitivity is measured in decibels. A sensitivity of 101 decibels can be considered high, and anything over 110 is even better.

The problem with high sensitivity, though, is that it picks up everything. If there are things you don’t want to hear, like the sound of an amplifier, you’ll hear it. For a really in-depth explanation of sensitivity, take a look at this article.

Material and Cushioning

Now we’ll examine what matters most if your ears get sore easily. The truth is, not all headsets are equal in this regard.

We know we’ve had pair that made our head ache and our ears overheat quickly. You’re not going to want to keep playing when your headset feels like a heated death trap.

Breathability matters here. Cheap plastic cups aren’t going to make your ears feel good. We personally like the feel of imitation leather or memory foam cups, because they make you feel like you’re wearing a cloud.

Of course, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Wrap Up

Headsets don’t have to be a pain to wear. The right headset will be comfortable and help you hear everything you need to in-game (while blocking pesky sounds outside of it.) We tried to include a range of headsets for all budgets on this list that are above average in quality.

If you asked us which one we feel gets you the most bang for your buck, though, we’d pick the Runmus Stereo Gaming Headset.

Aside from looking phenomenal, its memory foam ear cups and headband will keep you playing in comfort all day. Furthermore, its braided cable won’t break (and will be harder to chew through, if you have pets!) and your voice will come through crystal-clear on the mic. 

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