The trickiest thing about getting into a new MOBA like Pokemon Unite is learning how each role works and which one you’re most comfortable with. On top of that, there’s generally a meta to follow which dictates which characters are the best to play in different situations. Failure to follow that meta often means that you can’t really play competitively or in ranked matches at all.

We’re making this guide not so more knowledgeable players can eke out a way into the upper echelons of the game. Rather, we’ve created this guide to help you ease into it by using Pokemon that are notoriously straightforward to play. Let’s show you which are the best Pokemon in Pokemon Unite for beginners

What Makes a Pokemon Better for Beginners?

Sylveon in the middle area

There are a couple reasons particular Pokemon may be easier to play than others. The biggest reason, of course, is their basic abilities. Some move sets are incredibly complicated and take practice to master, such as with Mr. Mime.

Others have really straightforward abilities which have easy-to-understand effects. A new player may not know how to use Mr. Mime’s wall well, but players of all skill levels can understand the benefit of Pikachu’s Unite Move that impacts a whole area as opposed to one player.

Similarly, AOE (area of effect) abilities are often simple to use. Unlike skill shots, or abilities that are extremely targeted, AOEs allow you to hit all opponents or wild Pokemon in an area.

Some roles are more beginner-friendly than others, too. For instance, it’s easier to go in the top or bottom lane than to balance yourself between them by choosing the middle area. This means that Pokemon that are traditionally great for the middle area, such as Zeraora, can be more difficult to master.

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Top 5 Pokemon to Play in Pokemon Unite if You’re a Beginner



It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that one of Pokemon’s most iconic members is also one of the most beginner-friendly characters to play. In fact, for many players, Pikachu is one of the first Pokemon they own; this was certainly the case for me.

The reason Pikachu is on this list is because it’s speedy, and it’s great at closing the gap between you and a fleeing opponent. Too many new players might endanger themselves running after someone who’s low in health. The longer you chase someone, the higher the risk of getting ganked by one of their teammates. Pikachu’s dash enables you to quickly get in and retreat.

Furthermore, Pikachu’s Unite Move hits all enemies in the area. No having to deal with the frustration of making an extremely targeted shot that can easily miss.



Playing melee-based Pokemon that have to get up close and personal with opponents is challenging when you’re new. You might not have a good understanding yet of when to retreat and when to keep pushing, leading to you getting knocked out more often than not.

Ranged characters like Cinderace make it easy for you to hit enemies without that risk. Because its basic attacks hit from a distance, you can safely stay away if you’re uncomfortable diving right into the middle of a team fight.

Additionally, Cinderace has a passive ability that empowers the next basic attack whenever you use one of its abilities. This encourages you to experiment with the abilities, and if don’t land a hit, then you’ll at least have an empowered basic attack to use as consolation.



Charizard’s another familiar face, even if you never got into Pokemon previously. This iconic dragon makes a good choice for starting players for many of the same reasons Cinderace does.

For one thing, it’s a generally ranged attacker. Again, attacking from a distance is less risk for you, so Charizard is excellent for anyone not feeling confident enough to engage in team fights yet.

However, if need be, Charizard can also get close to your opponents and get away relatively unscathed, too.



If you’re worried that you’re going to just get knocked out easily every time you engage the opponents, Snorlax is a great choice for you. As you might guess from how it looks, Snorlax is extremely tanky. Or, put another way, it’s hard to knock out because of its high defense.

This gives you a little leeway to make mistakes. Get too close to your enemies at the wrong time, and you’re likelier to survive it with Snorlax. As you get better at the game, you can take advantage of Snorlax’s bulk to protect your team by tanking hits for them.

Should you play a bit too dangerously, you can use Snorlax’s Unite Move to cover your back by recovering health and making you temporarily invulnerable while it sleeps.

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales

Out of all the Pokemon on this list, I think Alolan Ninetales is honestly the trickiest. In my personal experience, it takes a slightly higher amount of skill to figure out how and when to utilize its abilities best, as most of its abilities slow down opponents. This can feel underwhelming perhaps to new players who might feel more useful if they’re just consistently doing loads of damage.

Those who have played MOBAs before know how devastating a timely slow-down can be, though. Alolan Ninetales is a surprisingly fun supportive character that pairs well with another Pokemon who can shell out the damage. If you’re playing Ninetales, use its abilities to prevent enemies from escaping an engagement when they’re low on health.

My biggest gripe with Ninetales is that it’s a little slow and vulnerable, so you’ll need to be careful. The bright side is that it also attacks from a distance, so you don’t need to worry about throwing yourself in the ring.

Common Beginner Pokemon Unite Questions

What’s the best starter Pokemon in Pokemon Unite?

If I had to pick one Pokemon over all the others to recommend for a beginner on this list, my suggestion is Pikachu. Anyone who’s been a fan of the Pokemon franchise for a long time might feel slightly lousy picking such a “basic” Pokemon, but Pikachu is a perfect choice for new Pokemon Unite players.

Pikachu is speedy, ranged, and has a Unite Move that’s easy to make devastating use of. You’ll learn how to use Pikachu effectively in no time.

What Pokemon Should I Buy in Pokemon Unite?

As you play games, you’ll earn in-game tokens that you can put towards buying new Pokemon. You may be left with a hard decision: which Pokemon should you buy first? Which Pokemon should you buy next after that?

I recommend starting with Pikachu if you can, but if Pikachu is your first choice, consider grabbing some of the others on this list if you want Pokemon with an understandable playstyle. To make your decision, think about what you like or dislike the most about Pikachu.

If you like Pikachu’s fast, ranged combat, consider grabbing Cinderace. On the other hand, if you hate how squishy Pikachu can be, spring for Snorlax to get a Pokemon with a bit more staying power.

Wrap Up

Choosing a Pokemon can be a difficult choice in Pokemon Unite, especially if you’re new to the MOBA playstyle. I know I personally tend to go for Pokemon that were my favorites in the games, only to often be disappointed or confused by how differently they play from what I expected.

If that sounds like you, this guide is a great starting place for you. The Pokemon on this list are all generally simple to play, regardless of your skill level. If you need more advice, be sure to read our guide to Pokemon Unite tips for beginners to further you on your Pokemon Unite journey.

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