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Just like a farm in real life, maintaining your farm in Stardew Valley will require you to use lots of tools. You’ll have a mini arsenal of tools at your disposal, one of which will be a scythe.

Over time, you’ll get the resources to upgrade each of your tools. It’s immediately obvious why you should upgrade your axe and your pickaxe: the axe helps you chop down wood faster and even access new parts of the map, while the pickaxe allows you to breeze through the mines and get precious ore.

It’s not as easily apparent why you should bother with your scythe, though. In this post, I’m going to tell you a bit about the scythe, and why you should upgrade your scythe…or even if you can.

Scythe 101

Stardew Valley: Scythe

First, let’s go back to the basics here. I’m going to dive into what your scythe tool is, how to use it, and what you can use it on.

We all know what a scythe is – it’s that bad ass-looking tool that the Grim Reaper traditionally carries. Despite its intimidating looks, though, the scythe has a much more mundane use: cutting grass.

Your scythe in Stardew Valley does exactly that, instead of allowing you to wage a bloody war on the innocent villagers. You can quickly cut down the grass on your farm, making room for new buildings or crops. In fact, cutting grass is almost all the scythe is good for.

You can actually use your scythe as a weapon in a pinch. But it does not do much damage, and I’d recommend not swinging it at monsters anytime soon.

How Do You Upgrade Your Scythe?

So you’ve decided to upgrade your scythe. Now what?

Here’s the confusing part: you can’t really upgrade your scythe. At least, not in the same way you upgrade other tools, which involves going to the blacksmith with enough ore.

However, you can get an improved scythe: the golden scythe. You can find it in the Quarry Mine, which is past the broken bridge just beyond the Mines. It’s at the very end of the cave, held by a statue of the Grim Reaper.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Scythe?

Stardew Valley: Golden Scythe

Now you know that you can’t technically upgrade your scythe…but you can still get an improvement. So what makes the golden scythe worth the trouble?

There are a few benefits to the golden scythe. For one thing, it does significantly more damage than the basic scythe’s piddly 1-3 damage. (In fact, the golden scythe will have you swinging for 13 damage, although that still doesn’t make it a great weapon.)

You’re also more likely to get hay if you cut grass with the golden scythe. This is so important if you’re keeping animals like chickens, which get grumpy if you don’t feed them regularly.

Finally, the golden scythe has a larger cutting radius. Not only are you likelier to get hay from cutting, but you’re going to cut more grass at once, increasing your odds of getting hay. If you’re focusing on animals on your farm, the golden scythe could be extra useful.

Wrap Up

Upgrading your equipment is a vital part to Stardew Valley. It gives you a goal to work towards and it’s so satisfying once you achieve it…for the things you can upgrade, anyway, whether it’s a tool or a building on your farm.

You can’t upgrade your scythe in the literal sense of the world, but you can find a better one with a little searching and grinding. Is the golden scythe going to change your life in-game? Probably not as much as a fully upgraded pickaxe and axe, but it’s still a fun goal to work towards.

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