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It wasn’t that long ago that we were all kids getting into gaming while our parents looked confusedly on. Nowadays, although adults game just as often as kids, there are undeniably still kids who play video games. Just think about all the times you’ve been annoyed to hear a kid’s voice over the mic in an online game before.

If you’re a parent who has children who are into gaming or you’re a relative of one, you might be on the lookout for a gift they’ll like. I’m here to tell you that you can’t really go wrong with a decent gaming headset.

For one thing, headsets can be pretty stylish in appearance these days. Plus, they’re available for every gaming platform and they’ll make any kid’s gaming experience that much more immersive.

Not sure where to begin? That’s not a problem – here are five of the best gaming headsets for kids that I was able to find.

Best Gaming Headsets for Kids

Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

The Bengoo G9000 is easily one of the most popular and affordable gaming headsets on our list, so I’m starting off strong with this one. For starters, it comes in a fairly solid range of colors, including blue, orange, pink, purple, and red. Regardless of what your child’s favorite color is, there’s a strong possibility they’ll love the look of at least one of the versions available.

Another great aspect to this headset is that its universally compatible. Whether the child in question has a last-gen console like a PS4, is a mobile gamer with an iPad, or has a gaming PC, this headset will comfortably work with all of them.

Finally, the ear cushions are nice and comfy. Made from leatherette, they won’t press painfully into small ears, even after hours of use.


  • Fun design available in several different colors with built-in lights.
  • Usually available for an affordable price.
  • Comfortable leatherette ear cushions.
  • Universal compatibility with a stunning range of gaming platforms.
  • Braided cable that prevents annoying winding and is durable.


  • Some have said the sound quality on this headset is a bit scratchy/staticky.

Pacrate Gaming Headset

Something about the lights on the earcups and the mic on this Pacrate gaming headset really caught my eye. If it was glitzy enough to catch my attention as an adult, I think there’s a good chance it’s glitzy enough to appeal to a kid, too.

Plus, it’s designed to be totally immersive. It has impressive 50mm audio drivers that will make your child feel as if they’re completely submerged in whatever virtual world they’re exploring.

Worried it won’t make the cut in the end? That’s okay, because the company guarantees each buyer a year of customer service to support the headset. If you have any issues whatsoever, you can contact them for assistance.


  • Five different appealing color combinations.
  • Decent 50mm audio drivers to improve immersion.
  • Compatible with a variety of common gaming platforms, including the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Has faux leather padding on the earcups and headband for comfort during long hours of gaming.


  • In order for the lights to work, you must have another USB port to plug them into.
  • Some have reported that although it says the headset is noise cancelling, they can still hear some noises in the background while wearing it.

Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset

Many trendy kids care about brand names, asking for products from the best new brands out there. For the most part, the products I’ve named thus far are from little-known brands.

That’s not the case with this Razer Blackshark V2 headset. Razer is a popular manufacturer for gaming equipment, and if your child is into gaming, there’s a good chance they’ve heard of them.

In addition to the clout Razer already has, this is honestly just a good headset. The ear and headband cushions are filled with cooling gel, so your child will be able to wear them for hours comfortably.

Plus, the headset has fairly large 50mm sound drivers and surround sound capability. When you slip on these headphones, you’ll feel as if you really are slipping into the world of your game.


  • Comes from a very reputable brand.
  • Trendy and sophisticated look.
  • Cooling gel in the cushions so it’s comfy to wear for hours and hours.
  • Surround sound capability that makes you feel as if you’re in the game.


  • Can be kind of expensive.
  • Some have noted that the bass in the headset is a bit underwhelming.

Beexcellent GM-1 Gaming Headset

With this Beexcellent headset, I’m back onto affordable beginner headsets. This may be a more reasonable option for anyone on a budget.

What I like about this headset is that it has been specifically designed to be lightweight. I can’t say I’ve had a problem with headsets hurting my neck or feeling too heavy, but I also didn’t wear them often as a child. A headset like this should not press down too hard on your kid’s head or leave their neck feeling strained.

Volume controls on this headset are also so amazingly simple. There’s a volume wheel on the wire that your child can use to turn the volume up or down without needing to fuss with a remote or keyboard.


  • Tends to be extremely affordable.
  • Easy volume wheel to make one-the-fly adjustments to volume.
  • Fun LED lighting for extra aesthetic appeal.
  • Lightweight design won’t feel heavy on your child’s head.
  • Compatible with just about any gaming platform.


  • The lights can be turned on by plugging in a separate USB cable, which can be a hassle if you don’t have a nearby open USB port.
  • A few owners mentioned that the noise cancelling isn’t as thorough as it could be.

Somic Detachable Cat Ear Headphones

I’m not gonna lie: the main reason I chose these Somic headphones is that I could easily picture some quirky kid wearing them. The cat ears on top and the emoji on the outside of the cups is sure to make them worthy of tons of selfies.

Plus, they’re available in three different colors: pink, black, and lavender. That makes them pretty flexible visually, suitable for a range of styles.

Of course, there are reasons beyond visual to pick them, too. They reduce the disruption of background noise, they’re compatible with a wide range of gaming platforms, and they have earcups made from breathable fabric, so your ears don’t get annoyingly sweaty.


  • Cute design that’s perfect for taking pictures in.
  • Available in a small range of attractive colors.
  • Compatible with a range of gaming platforms and consoles.
  • The cat ears are detachable if your child doesn’t like them.
  • Has a volume wheel and microphone switch for quick muting.
  • Gorgeous packaging that would be great for unboxing videos.


  • Some adult users reported that the headset hurt their ears after awhile, but this shouldn’t be a problem for a child.
  • A few owners said the sound quality is a little staticky.

What to Look for When Choosing a Kids’ Gaming Headset


Have you ever worn a headset that made your very skull ache after an hour or two of use? Some headsets are simply more comfortable than others, whether it’s their shape or padding, and this is something worth considering before you go buy one for a child.

The last thing you want to happen is to find that your headset never gets worn because it hurts someone’s head. So, how do you ensure this doesn’t happen?

Make sure you look for headsets that are amply padded. The ear cups and the top should have padding so that as little hard plastic or metal as possible actually comes into contact with the wearer’s head.

Padding material can make a difference, too. Memory foam and gel can be nice, but I’ve found that padding with a faux leather material over it also feels great.

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Kids like flashy things. Put a high-end but plain-looking headset next to a mid- to low-end one with RGB lights in it, and we can almost guarantee any child will pick the RGB one.

 That’s not to say that children are unintelligent – just that they like particularly stylish things. After all, the younger generations usually lead the way when it comes to setting new trends.

On your search for a good children’s gaming headset, be sure to take in the look of each headset. Pay attention to features like color, built-in lighting, and even shape.


It’s important to support your children’s passions by helping them partake in those interests and paying attention to what they like. As everyone knows, though, the interests of children, well, change quickly. One day they might be deeply into something, and the next, they’ll have moved on to something else entirely.

That’s just part of growing up. Discovering who you are requires you to wear many masks, discarding them as they lose their fit.

For that reason, you may not want to spend a lot on a gaming headset for a child. It’s possible they won’t even care much for it weeks from now.

And even if they continue to game for years, they could outgrow the headset physically or the headset will rapidly grow outdated as technology speedily advances. Unless you have tons of cash to spare, then, it might just be a good idea to look for the most budget-friendly options.


The head of a child is obviously smaller than the head of an adult. If you have a gaming headset that you love, it’s not guaranteed that it would fit as comfortably on a kid, so don’t assume that you should buy the same one for your child simply because you like it.

Be sure to take a look at the measurements for the headset in the description. At the very least, make sure you get an adjustable one so that the child you purchase it for is able to mold it into a good fit. Fortunately, just about every headset is adjustable, regardless of how inexpensive it is.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this list gave you some ideas on potential gaming headsets for your child. If not, then use my suggestions above on how to find the best gaming headsets for kids on your own.

My personal favorite in terms of what I think a child would be interested in is the Somic Detachable Cat Ear Headphones. I don’t think it’s necessarily the highest-quality headset on this list – that would probably be the Razer one – but I do think it’s the most unique and appealing option.

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