Betrayer Game Review

Next on my list of horror games is Betrayer, a stealth-based game that came out in 2014. I can’t say that I looked forward to this one, because I played it several years ago for maybe an hour, got bored, and ultimately gave up then.
However, I decided to attempt to give it a second chance this year. In this Betrayer game review, I’ll tell you what I thought about the game and if I think it’s worth your time.
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Best Gaming Headsets for Glasses Wearers

It makes sense that your gaming headset should be comfortable. You’re likely going to wear it for hours at a time, and who wants to wear something that gives them a headache?
Unfortunately, this can be a challenge for people with glasses. The wrong headset can press painfully against your frames, making you feel like your head is in a vice.
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Stardew Valley: Why Do Crops Die?

Just like in real life, crops in Stardew Valley take a surprising amount of maintenance. You might find that your crops are wilting despite your best efforts.
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WoW Classic: What is a Dishonorable Kill?

MMORPGs like World of Warcraft can be insanely confusing at first if you’ve never played them. There are a lot of rules to learn, and unlike in a single-player game, you’ve got a whole audience of people watching if you make mistakes.
This means some people have really basic questions about the game but are afraid to ask for fear that the in-game chat will be…well, less than helpful, which can sometimes be the case.
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Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers

A decent gaming chair is part of your setup. If you had an uncomfortable chair, you wouldn’t be able to relax and enjoy whatever it is you’re playing. Some gaming chairs even have speakers to help make your experience even more immersive.
I’ve pulled together a few of the best gaming chairs with speakers, in case that’s a prospect you’re intrigued by. Let me show you what I found.
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Spirit of the North vs Lost Ember

Spirit of the North and Lost Ember are both undeniably beautiful games. Each has its own intensely gorgeous graphical style, emotionally charged soundtrack, and simple (yet effective) story.
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Best Gifts for Stardew Valley Fans

Finding the perfect gift for a loved can be amazingly difficult. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve risked it on a whim and gotten someone something that they probably had to fake a smile for.
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Best Gaming Headsets for Kids

If you’re a parent who has children who are into gaming or you’re a relative of one, you might be on the lookout for a gift they’ll like. I’m here to tell you that you can’t really go wrong with a decent gaming headset. Not sure where to begin? That’s not a problem – here are five of the best gaming headsets for kids that I was able to find. Continue Reading