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Imagine you’re settling in for an evening of gaming. It’s not a work or school night, so you’ve got plenty of time at hand to play whatever you want without interruption.

What sorts of things will make the night perfect for you? I’d guess a quality gaming setup is near the top of your list, with a good game and snacks following shortly behind.

A decent gaming chair is part of your setup. If you had an uncomfortable chair, you wouldn’t be able to relax and enjoy whatever it is you’re playing. Some gaming chairs even have speakers to help make your experience even more immersive.

I’ve pulled together a few of the best gaming chairs with speakers, in case that’s a prospect you’re intrigued by. Let me show you what I found.

Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers

GTRacing Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

GTRacing is one of the foremost gaming chair manufacturers out there. They have tons of options, so it’s not surprising that one of them is a sleek-looking chair with speakers on the back.

The speakers on the back are Bluetooth-compatible. They can play music for up to six hours. If you work from home, more likely than not, that’s almost a full shift of uninterrupted music.

The chair itself isn’t that bad, either. Capable of holding up to 300 pounds, it has a fairly large weight capacity that will make it feel sturdy. You can also purchase it in a small range of colors, which may be important to you if you’re trying to coordinate the colors in your gaming area.


  • The speakers can play up to six hours on a single charge and are Bluetooth-compatible.
  • Its frame is made from metal for increased durability.
  • Comes in five different appealing color combinations.
  • Includes a neck pillow and lumbar pillow to provide your back support.
  • You can adjust the height of the armrests.
  • The chair has a rocking function, which is perfect if you’re the type of person who rocks when you have a lot of energy.


  • There is no padding on the armrests.
  • Some owners said that the speakers themselves are kind of low in quality.

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GTRacing Gaming Chair with Footrest and Bluetooth Speakers

Here’s another GTRacing chair. I wasn’t joking when I said that there are tons of GTRacing models out there.

There aren’t a whole lot of differences between this one and the previous listing. It has the same type of Bluetooth speakers that have a six-hour charge, and the same type of materials for support. It even has the same weight limit.

The reason I chose to include it is that it has one additional feature: a footrest. I personally love having a footrest to kick back on. I don’t often like to sit with my feet on the ground. This may not be as important to you, though, and you may save money by choosing an option without a footrest in that case.


  • The Bluetooth speakers can play for up to six hours on a charge.
  • There’s a retractable footrest beneath the chair.
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds comfortably.
  • Its tough metal frame makes it feel durable.
  • There are lumbar and neck pillows for support.


  • No padding on the armrests, so your elbows might hurt after awhile.

X Rocker Pro

The X Rocker Pro is a chair that was created specifically to fully immerse you in sound. It has two speakers that face forward rather than being behind the chair, and subwoofers inside the chair.

What’s more, it even has vibration motors that are synced with the bass of the sounds or music you’re listening to. The result is a core-deep vibration that makes you feel as if you’re completely submerged in the worlds of your games or your music.

Interestingly, the chair can be connected to other X Rocker chairs. If you’re playing the same game or listening to the same music with a group of people, you can all feel immersed in the same sensations.


  • Plush leather padding on the exterior of the chair provides you ample comfort.
  • There are vibration motors in the chair designed to help you feel the sound and music.
  • You can connect the chair to other X Rocker chairs to sync them and share the experience.
  • You can fold the chair when you need to make more room.
  • Has a weight limit of up to 300 pounds.


  • Although it says the chair is wireless, it needs to be plugged in.

X Rocker Floor Gaming Chair

What if you don’t have as much room for a full-size gaming chair? There are still options for you, even if you have a crowded home or small apartment.

One great example is the X Rocker Floor Gaming Chair. This is one you can just plunk down on your living room floor and you’re good to go.

Like the previous chair, it has front-facing speakers and a rumbling system to make you feel more immersed in the game, movie, or music you’re listening to.

It could also be a great pick for you if you’re not exactly handy. While the description does note that some assembly is necessary, you’re not going to have to spend as much time on it as a full-size gaming chair.


  • Minimal or no assembly.
  • Compact size makes it a better fit for limited spaces or storage.
  • Its front-facing speakers and rumble system are incredibly immersive.
  • The chair can be folded for times when you want to make room.
  • Its faux leather material is soft and comfortable.


  • No armrests.
  • It will feel quite different from sitting on a raised chair – so it may not be great for people who will have a hard time getting up or lowering themselves to the floor.

Von Racer Rocking Gaming Chair

If you like the sound (pun fully intended) of X Rocker’s immersive rumble technology, FantasyLab’s Von Racer Rocking Gaming Chair could be another possible candidate.

What I really like about this one is that, like the name implies, it’s built for rocking. The seat is angled slightly backward so you don’t feel too close to the ground, and you’re able to rock back and forth.

I know I’m not the only one who likes to rock in my chair. Whether I’m concentrating at work or I’m just really into a game, I tend to rock back and forth to release some pent-up energy. This chair is perfect for you if that sounds like you, too.


  • It has thickly padded armrests to keep your elbows comfortable.
  • The chair is designed for rocking.
  • It uses a similar two-speaker and subwoofer system to the X Rocker chairs.
  • In addition to the armrests, the back and seat of the chair are heavily padded.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Some owners felt that the chair is a little too reclined.
  • If you’re a PC gamer, it may not sit up straight or tall enough to work at a desk.

What to Look for When Choosing a Gaming Chair with Speakers

Speaker Quality

Obviously, one of the most important parts of a gaming chair with speakers is going to be the speakers. I have to address the quality of said speakers because that’s the whole point of this list.

Keep in mind that when you combine two different appliances or pieces of equipment, you oftentimes end up with something that achieves all its combined purposes mediocrely. Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation has a saying that kind of applies to this: “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

If you’re really concerned about speakers with a high sound quality, consider investing in speakers or a gaming headset from a reputable company. We’ve got a list of the best gaming headsets for sensitive ears that you can check out for some recommendations.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get a gaming chair with speakers. If you choose to, however, be sure you check the speaker’s specs if they’re listed in the description. You can also search customer comments to see what they’ve had to say about the speakers in the past.

Weight Capacity

I don’t know about you, but I hate flimsy chairs. There are a lot of things that contribute to how stable a chair feels, but I think one of the foremost ones is weight capacity.

Chairs that can hold more simply feel better. I don’t weigh anywhere near 400 pounds, yet I specifically looked for a chair that can hold that much simply I expected it to be more spacious and sturdier.

The second reason weight limit is important is obvious: you don’t want to get something that you know won’t be able to support your weight. You’d just be setting yourself up to waste your money.


Another huge factor contributing to the quality of any gaming chair is obviously the materials from which it’s made. The last thing you want is to dish out larger amounts of money on a piece of furniture, then discover that it’s made mostly from cheap plastic.

As far as gaming chairs go, the common materials are PU leather and metal. Plastic accents will be found here and there, such as on the armrests and caster wheels.

If you can, though, look for things that use as little plastic as possible. You can also try searching customer comments and reviews with the search term “plastic” or “flimsy” to see how owners feel about the durability of the chair.


It’s no secret that gaming chairs can get surprisingly expensive, so budget is always a great thing to keep in mind. Unfortunately, when you’re adding extra features to chairs like speakers, the price can go up even further.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel here, so to speak: there are so many gaming chairs out there, that there are a huge range of price points for all budgets. This is especially true when you consider how many third parties are desperately trying to compete with top brands like GTRacing.

My personal advice is to look at a small selection of gaming chairs just to gauge the average cost. Once you have a better picture in your mind, decide which price point is ideal for you so you can narrow down the field of contenders.


Unless you have a massive gaming area, you can’t just plunk any chair into it and assume it will fit. This is where your interior design skills are going to need to kick in because you don’t want to get something that’s either too large or too small for your space.

The dimensions for every chair are listed on their respective product pages. Remember to check them and compare them with the approximate size of the place you want to put your chair.

That’s not the only reason dimensions are important, though. You want to be comfy in your chair, and that means it needs enough room for you to sit in. Use those dimensions to also get a feel for how large the chair in question is by comparing them to other chairs in your home.


You can spend all this time picking a chair with the perfect weight limit, materials, and overall size – but it still might not be ideal for you. Even if it is ideal for you personally, there’s a chance it won’t always be or that it won’t be a good fit for other people who may share it with you.

That’s why adjustability is vital. Look for chairs with adjustable height, adjustable armrests, and adjustable rocking or leaning. These things will help ensure the chair is always cozy for you, no matter what your mood is or whenever someone else wants to sit in it.

Wrap Up

A gaming chair with integrated speakers can be a fun new way to look at an otherwise uninteresting piece of equipment. As I mentioned earlier, however, keep in mind that you’re generally not going to find high-quality speakers in gaming chairs. It’s honestly more of a gimmick than anything.

If you’re not an audiophile, though, this probably won’t be an issue for you. And as long as you’re okay with the sound quality not being ultra-high, I’d suggest going with a well-known and reliable chair like the GTRacing Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers.

Does your current gaming chair leave you with a sore back? Try looking at my list of the best gaming chairs for bad posture.

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