In our next Homall chair comparison, I’ll be covering the differences in a Homall gaming chair vs GTRacing one. As I’ve said before in previous posts, most gaming chairs look the same to someone who’s not familiar with them. It can be helpful to break down their similarities and differences.

I’ve chosen two of the most popular gaming chairs from both Homall and GTRacing, two well-known gaming chair manufacturers. I’ll talk you through what features they have in common, what the differences are between them, and advice on which one you should get.

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Homall Gaming Chair

We’ve discussed the Homall gaming chair in a couple other posts already. It’s a great option for those on a budget, due to its decent 300-pound weight capacity, quality material, and variety of color choices.

GTRacing Gaming Chair

The GTRacing gaming chair comes with a bit more adjustability than the Homall one. With adjustable armrests, tilt, and height, it’s likely the one for you out of the options in this post if you like to have more control over your chair or multiple people will be using it.


Weight Capacity

In our article about the best gaming chairs that support over 300 lbs, we talked about the importance of a chair’s weight capacity.

The first reason behind the importance is obvious: you need a chair that can hold you. You don’t want to risk damaging a chair and destroying your investment so soon after purchasing it.

But as I like to say in regard to gaming chairs, even if you don’t weigh enough to challenge its capacity, it’s sometimes simply nicer to get a chair with a larger capacity. The 300-pound capacity of both the Homall and GTRacing options in this comparison gives you leeway and stability.

Lumbar and Neck Support

I’d bet that your largest concern about any potential chair is comfort. With an increasing number of people working from home these days, you’ll probably spend at least several hours a day in that chair. If it feels like sitting on a rock, it would essentially be worthless, wouldn’t it?

This is exactly why the Homall and GTRacing chairs in this comparison offer you both lumbar and neck support. With their adjustable support pillows, you can get a little extra cushion exactly where you need it. Whether you’re logging some hours in for work or your latest gaming obsession, you won’t be limited by an aching back or shoulders.

Various Color Options

Color doesn’t have much to do with the actual function of a chair. But if you’re invested in decorations for your office – especially more expensive items, such as a particular flooring – you’ll want furniture that complements those decorations.

This is where the color of your gaming chair can be crucial. Fortunately, either the Homall or GTRacing chair will offer you options. The only difference is that the Homall chair has more colors available, although the various colors are available for differing prices.

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Most gaming chairs are made from the same materials, and this Homall and Respawn chair are the same. They’re both made from PU leather with metal frames.

Having owned a few chairs from these exact same materials, I can tell you that they’re sturdy enough. As long as you’re not setting the chair on fire or doing something else crazy with it, they should both last for a decently long time.

My biggest gripe about PU leather (or leather in general, I guess) is the way it sticks to your skin. If you sit on your chair in shorts, prepare to have to peel yourself off it after awhile of sitting there.

Rocking Function

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself rocking to work off some excess excitement, energy, or tension while you’re sitting in your chair. In fact, I even used to straight up use a rocking chair at my desk instead of an office or gaming chair.

Those who like to rock in their chairs will enjoy either the Homall or GTRacing chair in this post. Either one has a rocking function that allows you to smoothly rock back and forth. As someone who now owns a rocking gaming chair, I can tell you that it’s strangely relaxing and a must-have feature.

360-Degree Swivel

Either one of these gaming chairs can completely spin around if you want them to. This is honestly an unremarkable feature – just about any gaming and office chair has 360-degree swivel. I don’t know if I’ve ever used one that couldn’t spin…other than my rocking chair, anyway, which wasn’t really intended for use at a desk.

Nevertheless, it is a similarity, so I thought I’d mention it. With either one of these chairs, you’ll be able to turn a full 360 degrees, making it easier to get up from your desk or to turn around and look at something else.

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Finally, one of the similarities between these chairs is immediately obvious: how they look. Gaming chairs tend to have this sleek silhouette with colored accents and star bases.

If you like the look of racing-style gaming chairs, you’ll appreciate the Homall or the GTRacing chair. On the flipside, if you don’t like racing-style chairs, you’ll find both of these atrocious-looking, then.



If you were to put these chairs side by side and step back to look over them, you probably wouldn’t notice this difference. But it’s true that there is a slight variation in their dimensions.

The GTRacing chair is a teensy bit wider and taller. To be precise, it measures at 20.86 inches long, 21.26 inches wide, and 51.97 inches high.

In comparison, the Homall chair is 19.8 inches long, 20.5 inches wide, and 47.8 inches tall. This means that its seat is a bit narrower and the back is a little shorter.

Is it a game-changing size difference? Probably not. But if you like to have just a little bit more room in your seat, the GTRacing chair is the slightly better choice here.

Degree of Tilt

The vast majority of gaming and office chairs are designed to allow you to lean back and take a break whenever you need to. The fact that both the Homall and GTRacing chair can tilt back isn’t exactly remarkable.

There is a difference in the degree to which either one can tilt, though. The GTRacing chair claims that it can tilt down to 170 degrees, while the Homall chair states it can tilt down to a perfectly flat 180 degrees.

Honestly, though, the Homall information was confusing – a picture on top of the listing shows it only tilting down to 150 degrees. Later pictures and comments from buyers indicate it goes down to 180.

This means that, at the very least, there’s a 10-degree difference in tilt between these two chairs. Thus, if you’re wanting to be able to lie back perfectly flat, you’ll more likely than not want the Homall chair.

GTRacing Gaming Chair Adjustable Armrests

Maybe it wouldn’t matter to you as much, but I can tell you one of the most frustrating things about my current chair is that its armrests are only vertically adjustable. I am constantly wishing I could move them side-to-side to position them exactly as I’d like.

This is an area in which the Homall gaming chair is sorely lacking: its armrests aren’t adjustable at all. In comparison, the GTRacing chair has armrests that are vertically adjustable and can be twisted into three different positions.

If you’re picky about the height and angle at which your arms rest, the GTRacing chair is the clear winner here. The drawback to this adjustability, however, is that the twisting can sometimes happen on accident. It can be frustrating when your armrests move when you don’t want them to.

The Verdict: Which Should You Get?

Now for the million-dollar question: which one of these chairs should you get? I think that, except for a couple somewhat inconsequential differences, like the degree of tilt and small size variations, these chairs are pretty equal.

If you like one, you could probably make do with the other, as well. The biggest reasons you might get one or the other could probably come down to the GTRacing chair’s adjustable armrests or the Homall’s greater range of color choices.

Now, assuming I had to choose one or the other, I think I’d go for the GTRacing chair. It does give you a bit more room, and the adjustable armrests could be crucial to your comfort. It’s definitely a step up from using a rocking chair at my desk!

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