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If you’re going to spend hours gaming or sitting at a desk, you need a chair that can keep you comfortable. Homall and Dowinx are two gaming chair manufacturers that you may have come across in your search for the perfect chair.

Are either of them worth it? Which one is better? I hope to address those questions by discussing two of their most popular models in this Homall gaming chair vs Dowinx comparison.

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Allow me to introduce you to the two gaming chairs I’ve chosen for this comparison…

Homall Gaming Chair

What I like about the Homall gaming chair is that it’s the ultimate budget model. If you’re worried that you can’t get a good gaming chair affordably, this one could be great for you. It comes in tons of colors, it has a 300-pound capacity, and it has a solid metal frame.

Dowinx Gaming Chair

When I saw this Dowinx gaming chair, I thought to myself, “Now that’s a chair I could plant my butt in.” It has this amazingly classy diamond cross stich pattern on the back and seat. With its ability to hold 350 pounds, you can also trust that it’s stable.


Lumbar and Neck Pillows

A chair without cushions or padding would be pretty uncomfortable. Imagine if all you had was this metal or wood chair and nothing covering it.

To provide you the support you need to sit for hours in your chair, both the Homall and Dowinx options in this comparison have lumbar and neck pillows. Aside from the padding already present in the back and seat, the pillows can make your gaming or working experience that much more comfortable.

Want to make your gaming chair even cozier? Take a look at my guide to the best products to make any gaming chair comfortable.

Adjustable Back Tilt

When you’re really exhausted, you want to lean back and kick up your feet. A chair without any tilt won’t allow you to do that.

Frankly, it’s a standard feature, but both the Homall and Dowinx chairs I’ve picked have back tilt. When you’ve been putting in long hours at work or when you need to take a break from a game, either one will allow you to lean back and close your eyes for a bit.

Multiple Color Options

Your personal space is a haven. You should feel totally comfortable not just with the feel of your space, but with the way it looks.

Are you the type of person who puts a lot of thought into your home’s décor? Then you may be concerned about something as seemingly inconsequential as the color of your gaming chair.

Fortunately, both these chairs come in multiple colors, so you have a greater ability to find one that matches the aesthetic you’re looking for. I should mention that the Homall is available in more colors, however, so if you want the more visually flexible chair, it’s the Homall in this comparison.

Adjustable Height

This is a standard feature on just about any office or gaming chair, but it’s one you’d really miss if it weren’t there, so I’ll mention it. Both of them have adjustable heights.

If you get a new desk, share your chair with others, or just prefer to change the height of your seat every so often, this is a must-have feature. It’s a good thing that it’s included in virtually all chairs, otherwise it would be a complete pain to find one that fit in with your desk.

Metal Frame

You don’t want to sit on something that’s flimsy. The last thing you want to is to be relaxing in your chair, only to almost feel it slowly degrading beneath you. In that situation, you just end up to doing this weird half-sit where you don’t put your full weight on the chair.

Anyway, the Homall and Dowinx chairs have a sturdy feel with their heavy-duty metal frames. You won’t feel precarious or unstable sitting in either one.

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PU Leather

The Homall and Dowinx gaming chairs are both made from PU leather. If you’ve ever had a gaming chair before, you’ve experienced this material; it’s a fake leather with a smooth, soft texture.

For the most part, it’s fine as a material. Speaking as someone who is currently sitting on a PU leather chair as I write this, I know it’s a reasonably durable choice. I’ve had my chair for a few years, and it hasn’t suffered from cracking and shedding like some faux leather furniture can.

Star Base

These chairs share another feature that’s common to most gaming and general office chairs: a star base. To get more descriptive, their bases end in five legs with a wheel on each leg. Picture a starfish with wheels.

The reason for this is stability and mobility. With five wheels, you’re able to easily scoot the chair around, whether it’s to push away from your desk or move the chair to another location entirely.

360-Degree Swivel

Both chairs can spin around a complete 360 degrees. Again, 360-degree swivel is an extremely basic feature. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an office or gaming chair that didn’t have it.

Like with the adjustable height, though, it’s a feature you’d sorely miss if you didn’t have it. Trust me – as I’ve mentioned in one of my other Homall posts, I used to use a rocking chair at my desk. It was a huge pain having to push it out from my desk every time I wanted to get back up.

With either the Homall or the Dowinx, you can just effortlessly spin around and stand up.

Winged Seats

One thing I noticed right away is that these chairs have winged seats. In other words, if you look at the seat on the Homall and Dowinx, you’ll see they have raised edges.

I’m sure there’s some logical reason for the design, but I don’t personally like it. In my guide to the best gaming chairs for wide hips, I talked a little more about how this design can make you feel boxed in if you have, well, thick thighs. Similarly, it feels limiting if you like to sit cross-legged.

Non-Adjustable Armrests

This is another quality I personally dislike about both the chairs, but they have non-adjustable armrests. You cannot move them up and down or side to side.

Now, my current chair has armrests with an adjustable height, and even that doesn’t seem like enough. I am constantly wishing I could move them from side to side more easily. I can’t imagine that armrests which couldn’t be adjusted at all would be very comfortable.



The overall dimensions of these chairs are fairly similar, but there are a couple differences I can nitpick. Essentially, the Homall gaming chair is a little bit smaller than the Dowinx one.

To be specific, the Dowinx chair measures at 23 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 55 inches tall. In comparison, the Homall gaming chair is 19.8 inches long, 20.5 inches wide, and 47.8 inches tall.

Thus, if you are looking for a big and tall chair with plenty of space, you might find the Homall chair a little bit more restrictive. Its seat is a shallower and its back is shorter.


Prices are subject to change, so this likely won’t always be the case, but there’s currently quite a huge price difference between these chairs. The Homall gaming chair tends to be massively more affordable than the Dowinx.

It’s not a bad chair. For a much lower price, you’ll get many classic gaming chair features with the Homall, so I’d suggest it if you’re on a more restrictive budget.

Weight Limit

This is one quality I’m a little confused about, because at one point, the Dowinx chair says it supports up to 300 pounds like the Homall. Then at a couple other points on its product page, it says it supports up to 350 pounds.

I’m going with the latter because it made that claim in more than one spot. Assuming it has a weight limit of 350 pounds, it can support 50 pounds more than the Homall.

Whether or not you actually weigh over 300 pounds, you may appreciate the sturdier feel of a chair with a higher weight limit. I know I specifically picked my chair because it had a high weight limit, and it’s built like a tank as a result.

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Dowinx Padded Armrests

Armrests are surprisingly important. Resting your elbows on them is what allows you to easily reach your keyboard. Your elbows and forearms might as well be comfy while they’re laying on your armrest.

That concept seems like a no-brainer to me, but most gaming chairs still lack any sort of padding on their armrests. Instead, you’re forced to press your bony elbows into this plastic material with the slightest bit of give.

That’s fortunately not the case with the Dowinx chair. It has armrest padding on it that will feel way softer against your arms. The Homall, on the other hand, completely lacks padding on its armrests.

Homall Colored Caster Wheels

I talked earlier about how decorating your space is vital for a lot of people. You may have a specific color scheme or theme that you’re following in your home, so you may want a gaming chair that fits with that theme.

One small touch that the Homall has to help it better fit into your décor is colored caster wheels. Its wheels will match the color of the chair, whereas the Dowinx’s wheels are always the same color.

It’s probably not a real dealbreaker for most people, but I felt it was at least worth mentioning.

Dowinx Massage Pillow

The Dowinx’s lumbar pillow is also a convenient massage pillow. You can plug it in and it will vibrate against your back, relaxing the muscles in your lower back.

Speaking from experience again, the vibrations in these lumbar pillows aren’t typically strong. It’s not going to completely undo the knots in your back like a good Shiatsu massage chair will.

However, it does still feel pretty decent, and it also won’t overwork your muscles like a Shiatsu massage chair can. You can use it for as long as you want without having to worry about it leaving you sore the next day.

Homall Metal Base

It’s undeniable that plastic components feel flimsy. Sure, they’re more affordable, but you don’t want to completely relax in something that’s made from plastic and trust that it’ll hold your weight, either.

That’s the nice thing about the Homall’s metal base. It gives your chair a sturdy foundation, one that will feel stable to you while you sit in it.

Dowinx Footrest

It’s becoming increasingly common to find gaming chairs with retractable footrests. The Dowinx chair is an example of this feature.

If you’re going to lean back in your chair, you’ll probably want to kick up your feet. The Dowinx chair makes that possible with its footrest that you can just pop out.

Which Chair is Better?

Now here is the important question: which chair is better? Because no gaming chair could truly be called the best for every single person out there, there are reasons you might choose either one.

For example, the Homall is much more flexible visually than the Dowinx. It has a lot more color options to choose from, so you may want it simply because it’s available in your favorite color while the Dowinx isn’t.

Are you looking for something to help you with your sore back? Then you may want to consider the Dowinx for its massage pillow.

What about your arms? Again, you’ll likely find the Dowinx preferable because it has the ever-illusive padded armrests that are much more pleasant to rest your elbows on.

Let’s not forget your legs, either. The Dowinx is the only chair from the two of them to incorporate a retractable footrest you can use to put up your feet.

Then there’s price to think about. “How much does it cost?” is usually the first question we have about anything we’re going to buy, including a gaming chair. The Homall is much cheaper than the Dowinx, so it’s easily the better choice for you if you need the most affordable option.

My personal opinion is that the Dowinx gaming chair is a bit higher in quality than the Homall. I think it looks nicer, it has armrest padding, it has a footrest, and its lumbar pillow can provide you a basic back massage.

However, this was a close comparison. I think you’d be reasonable for choosing either chair.

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